Prospects for Future Cooperation between the SAMR and the Institute of Russian history of Russian Academy of Sciences.

April 6, 2021 

Head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Mufti Albir Hazrat Krganov held a meeting with the director of the Institute of Russian History of Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Petrov. During the meeting, the parties discussed issues of strengthening cooperation in the field of military-patriotic education and enlightenment of youth, preserving national traditions, and developing interfaith dialogue. 

Both sides were unanimous in their opinion on the need for a precise and careful approach to historical processes, highlighting the role of interreligious and interethnic relations in the public and information space. 

The meeting took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Albir Hazrat and Yuri Petrov thanked each other for the fruitful conversation and expressed hope for further cooperation. 

The Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences is considered to be a leading scientific institution that deals with studying fundamental problems of Russian history from the period of Ancient Rus to the present. 

Today the staff of the Institute makes up more than 160 researchers, mainly doctors and candidates of sciences. Among the scientists of the Institute there are full members and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other academies and scientific societies. 

Every year scientists of the Institute publish dozens of monographs and collections of articles on general and specific problems of Russian history, prepares and publications of unique historical sources.  

Head of the SAMR supports Vladimir Putin’s position on inter-ethnic relations in Russia

March 31, 2021 

Russia President Vladimir Putin stated during the last meeting of the Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations: “We in Russia should not allow and we will not allow anyone to show an aggressive, disrespectful demonstration of their ethnicity towards representatives of any other nationality, and of course we will prevent transferring conflicts to our land. He also emphasized that although economic and political reasons underlie the emergence of most of the conflicts in the world, ethnic and religious intolerance is usually used to fuel these conflicts. 

The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia Albir Hazrat Krganov supported the position of President on this important issue. In his speech he focused his attention on the enemies' attempts to undermine the relations between ethnic and religious groups in our country. He mentioned that all these attempts can be seen even today, and he is aware of them due to his membership in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. 

Albir Hazrat also added that the main reason behind the collapse of the Soviet Union was the use of "nationalist sentiments" against Moscow policy in that period of time, saying that we got what we got, referring to the difficult situation in Ukraine. 

Mufti stressed that serious work on the settlement of interethnic relations is being carried out on behalf of Vladimir Putin nowadays. "In Russia, we pay more attention to the opinion of our President considering him to be a guarantor that such situations will not  be repeated in our country in order to avoid the transfer of conflicts that are happening in a number of foreign states to the territory of the Russian Federation," Albir Hazrat said. 

The Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia is strengthening cooperation with the Republic of Indonesia

March 24th, 2021 

In the framework of the round table meeting held at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow on March 24, Mufti Albir Hazrat Karganovhead of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia met with the head of the Indonesian parliamentary delegation Mr. Faisal Rizawhere two parties discussed issues of enhancing bilateral fruitful cooperation between Muslims of Russian and Indonesia. 

Previously in September 2019, the Russian-Indonesian Interfaith Dialogue took place in Moscow. The event was organized in conjunction with the SAMR and was mainly focused on very important issues such as tolerance and interfaith harmony, confronting extremism, the principles of soft power in the context of combating terrorism and extremism, the role of mass media in the era of globalization and etc. 

The Russian delegation, which included Albir Hazrat Krganov, was headed by Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konstantin Shuvalov, from the Indonesian side - Head of the Directorate General of Information and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Chechep Heravan and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to the Russian Federation Mohammad Wahid SupriyadiAt the end of the event, both parties agreed to continue their cooperation in Indonesia, but the Covid-19 pandemic prevented the realization of all these plans. 

Mr. Faisol Riza is an MP from the National Awakening Party in the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia, an Islamic orientation party affiliated with the major Islamic organization Nahdatul Ulama, one of the largest independent Islamic organizations in the world. According to some estimates, it has over 30 million members all around the world. The organization is engaged in charitable activities, helping the government to implement social programs such as providing assistance to schools, hospitals, rural communities and war veterans. 

The Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia presents a new web-portal

March 24, 2020  

Head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia Mufti Albir Hazrat Krganov participated in the meeting on cooperation between Russian governmental bodies and public organizations with the immigrant community in Moscow, which took place in the administrative district of Troitsk and New Moscow. During this meeting Albir Hazrat presented a new web-portal launched by the Center for Legal Protection and Social Adaptation of Migrants, a division of the SAMR. 

This center currently works in 24 regions of Russia, where mosques and regional muftiats belonging to the SAMR are located, including Moscow, Moscow region, Leningrad region, Omsk region, Republic of Dagestan, Tomsk region, Novosibirsk region, Chuvash Republic, Penza region and so on. 

The center has already created a strong base for an interregional system of information and methodological support for public organizations working in the field of providing assistance to migrants. The Center for Legal Protection and Social and Cultural Adaptation of Immigrants works in a different way compared to many other similar centers in terms of providing assistance for free and in the native language of migrants. 

The multifunctional information platform rosmigrant.rf ( is being gradually launched, where all the necessary information is available to migrants in several foreign languages.  

During the meeting, some special proposals were made for the further implementation of this significant project and increasing the effectiveness of the expected results for migrants. 


Ethno-political Processes in the North Caucasus

March 18th, 2021 

Mufti Albir Hazrat Karganov participated in a session of the round table dedicated to the role of enlightenment and education in improving ethno-political processes in the North Caucasus, where a new expert report "Ethnic Dynamics of Politics and Management in the North Caucasian Federal District" was presented. The event took place in the international multimedia press center of "Rossiya Segodnya» news agency. 

In recent years, some positive trends have been witnessed in the North Caucasus Federal District. These changes are connected with political and administrative activities of regional and local authorities, public opinion leaders and heads of national cultural and religious organizations. Monitoring at the federal and regional levels shows the overcoming of severe ethnic contradictions and achievement in addressing conflicts in the region. 

In his speech, the head of the SAMR noted that, despite all the strategic legislative acts adopted by the Russian government to develop and strengthen interethnic and interreligious harmony, it is necessary to carry out a more specific work directly with the citizens of the region, with their minds and world outlook.  

Albir Hazrat also added that we should not stop on the positive results achieved in the interethnic and interreligious spheres. Interethnic and interreligious relations today are considered an alarming potential that can unexpectedly change in a negative direction. 

Albir Hazrat Krganov also drew attention to the important role that spiritual leaders play in the Caucasus in promoting spiritual and moral foundations and educating youth in the region. 

At the end of the round table, the participants thanked each other for a very fruitful discussion and expressed their hope for more cooperation in the future. 

The future of Libya must be defined only by the Libyan people

March 15th, 2021

Mufti Albir Hazrat Karganov participated in an online-session of the permanent round table called "Peace is more complicated than War." The topic of discussion was: "Libya and the Global World: Searching for Its Own Future."

The event was organized by the research and education center "Globus - 21st Century", the Public Diplomacy Foundation and the international public movement "Peace Creation".

The event was attended by representatives of the Russian and Libyan scientific and expert communities, the political establishment and religious leaders. The main issues of the discussion were the current situation in Libya and life conditions of the Libyan people, the possible role of Russia in the post-conflict reconstruction of Libya and the process of peace creation in the North African region, as well as the influence of the coronavirus pandemic on the formation of a “new reality” and the future of the Libyan state.

In his speech Albir Hazrat pointed out that the main reason of all these events that are taking place in Libya today is a failed experiment conducted by some Western countries to modernize this Arab country, and as a result of this experience, the Libyan people did not receive democracy, freedom and prosperity, but rather grief, poverty, chaos and stranglehold of terrorists in the country.

Mufti also added that all those countries wanted to make Libya more loyal and manageable, but at the same time they did not make a detailed plan of post-war structure of the Libyan state and did not take into account the features of the formation of the Libyan society and its traditions that have prevailed in the country for centuries.

Albir Hazrat also touched upon some serious problems of great concern in the world religious circles, especially the prevalence of acts of extremism, terrorism, and murders of Muslims and Christians in the country. In this regard, Albir Hazrat said that the Russian religious community is ready for more interaction and humanitarian cooperation to work on solving problems in Libya in order to establish peace, stability and bring back historical justice on the Libyan territory.

At the conclusion of the session, Albir Hazrat accepted the invitation by organizers of the event to join the Presidency of the International Social Movement "Creating Peace." The leadership of the movement had previously confirmed its readiness to continue working on developing relations with Libya and compensating for the lack of institutional relations with this Arab state today.

Albir Hazrat Krganov meets with the Advisor of the Department of Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Turkish Republic in Moscow

March 11th, 2021

Head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (the SAMR), Mufti Albir Hazrat Krganov, held a meeting with the Advisor of the Department of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Turkish Republic in Moscow, Omar Farooq Savuran. The meeting was also attended by the head of Russian Bureau of Turkish news agency "Anadolu" Ali Jura, the interpreter Abobukar Batigov and the head of Sports Department of the SAMR Tigran Ayubov.

The meeting was held in a friendly and positive atmosphere. During the conversation, both parties discussed issues of further bilateral cooperation. In particular, they touched upon the possible opening of an Islamic educational center in Istanbul.

Albir Hazrat also provided the guests with a brief overview of current activities of the SAMR and its regional structures.

At the end of the meeting, the participants expressed their hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Delegation from the SAMR arrive in Turkey with a working visit

The delegation from the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (the SAMR), headed by Mufti Albir Hazrat Krganov, held a meeting with Mufti of Istanbul, Professor Mehmet Amin Mashali, in Turkey on March 4 2021.

The meeting was also attended by First Vice President of the head of the SAMR Mufti Tageer Hazrat Samatov and Mufti of Saint Petersburg and the Northwestern Region of Russia Ravil Hazrat Pancheev.

The parties discussed prospects of cooperation in the field of Islamic education and also exchanged positive experiences of activities within the Muslim community in Russia and Turkey against the background of difficult conditions that the world is currently facing.

Within the framework of this visit, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul Andrey Buravov hosted the delegation from the SAMR at the Russian Consulate in Istanbul, where the two sides discussed the current situation of relations between Russia and Turkey in humanitarian sphere and the prospects of their development. At the end of the meeting all the participants expressed their hope for further cooperation.

Representatives of Russian and Kazakhstani NPOs discuss common issues

March 2nd, 2021

Mufti of Moscow, head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (the SAMR) Albir Hazrat Krganov took part in the round table called “Issues of Interaction between Civil Society in Russia and Kazakhstan”, which was also attended by the delegation of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan.

In his speech, Albir Hazrat noted the importance of developing Eurasian cooperation in all directions and, on behalf of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, highly appreciated the activities of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan and local authorities in the field of protection of rights of believers in the country. He also pointed out close historical ties between Tatar and Kazakh people, stressing that today the Tatars of Kazakhstan are one of the largest national diasporas in the country and their national traditions are honored and highly respected.

According to the head of the SAMR, Russian and Kazakhstani NPOs have a huge potential for cooperation in the social sphere. In particular, work with migrants can become such a vector. In September 2020, the SAMR established Center of Legal Protection and Socio-Cultural Adaptation of Migrants. The main purpose of this center is providing migrants with legal support in cases when their rights are violated.

The Mufti also addressed the issue of the influence of extremist ideologies on youth and said that religious and public organizations in Russia and Kazakhstan should make joint efforts in this direction in order to solve this serious problem.

At the end of the meeting, Albir Hazrat thanked all participants of the round table and expressed his hope for further cooperation with religious and public organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Albir Hazrat Krganov meets with Apostolic Nuncio to the Russian Federation.

March 1st, 2021

Mufti of Moscow, head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (the SAMR) Albir Hazrat Krganov held a meeting with Apostolic Nuncio to the Russian Federation Archbishop Giovanni d'Aniello.

The meeting was also attended by First Deputy of the SAMR Mufti Tagir Hazrat Samatov ,His Eminence Monsignor Peter Tarnavsky, Counselor of the Apostolic Nunciature and His Reverend Priest Igor Chabanov, the interpreter.

The main topic of discussion between two parties was the “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” , a joint statement signed by Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University Ahmad Al-Tayyib and His Holiness Pope Francis on February, 4 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

Albir Hazrat Krganov highly appreciated the provisions of this document and also pointed out the similarity of some of its semantic aspects with the content of Makkah Declaration adopted in 2019.Albir Hazrat mentioned that after the official publication of the “Document on Human Fraternity” it was sent to the regional muftiats of the SAMR for informational purposes.

During this meeting both parties also discussed serious problems that the whole world faces nowadays. In particular, they touched upon the issue of fight against terrorism ,the influence of extremist ideologies on modern youth, attempts to affiliate religion with politics, the fall of moral values and guidelines of the modern society, as well as the problem of “militant secularism”, when opponents of religion try to diminish its role. Therefore, according to them, it is necessary to unite the efforts of representatives of all world religions in order to resolve these serious problems and develop a special system for implementing of interfaith social projects.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their hope for further fruitful cooperation.

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