In Volgograd Oblast the scientific-practical ethnoconfessional conference on the topic: “Our homeland is Russia, our city is Volzhsky! We are the one” was held. The co-organizer of the conference was regional organizations and the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia.

A delegation of SAMR took part in the work of the conference. The delegation consisted from Qadi, the deputy mufti of Moscow Ilnur-hazrat Gainutdinov, Imam-Mukhtasib of the Moscow Oblast Daud-hazrat Mukhutdinov, the deputy Chairman of the Mukhtasibat Assembly of the Moscow Oblast Muhammad Gitinov, as well as the head of the Ethnonational Problems Agency, professor Alexander Kobrinsky.

In the first panel, “Activities of theologians, public figures, and public organizations to strengthen interfaith peace,” participants discussed the issues of spiritual guidance and the role it plays in education of a person. At the second panel, the main topic was: “The vector of spiritual and moral development of nations. Promoting the formation of an active citizenship among young people.” In the third panel, “In the unity of diversity, preserving one’s identity”, projects and initiatives aimed at the development of the city will be presented.

The work of discussion panels contributed to the involvement of young people in activities focused on solving the problems of national and religious intolerance, the formation of the civic identity of young people, their spiritual, moral and civic-patriotic education. At the plenary session, together with the participants, the head of the city of Volzhskiy, Igor Voronin took part in the work.

Within the conference, laying of the stone for the reconstruction of the Volzhskiy Mosque took place, and agreements were signed between Muslim and Christian organizations. The outcome of the conference was the signing of the “City Code of Unity, Peace and Friendship” and the formation of the Youth Council on Interethnic, Interfaith Relations and the Prevention of Extremism.

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