Moscow. 28 Nov. INTERFAX-the Mayor's office of the capital will allocate a site for the construction of a mosque in the "new Moscow" Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, said its Chairman, mufti of Moscow Albir Krganov.

In addition, as the newspaper "Izvestia" writes on Wednesday, the sites for the construction of religious buildings will receive the Russian Orthodox Church, the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia and the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia. In total, it is planned to allocate a little more than five hectares.

"This idea has long been proposed by religious organizations. In Moscow there are already two such centers - on Poklonnaya hill and on Khachaturian street. There is a need for the construction of a mosque, because the last 20 years the site was not allocated for this," said A. Krganov.

According to him, the choice of "new Moscow" is also due to the fact that in the future the population will increase in this district and the need for religious institutions will increase.

The lands that are in Federal ownership on the territory of" new Moscow " can be transferred to the capital authorities for the construction of an interfaith center next year.


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