The congratulatory address, in particular says:

"Your heavenly patron is one of the creators of Slavic writing and an outstanding educator. Following the example of his holy asceticism, for many years You have been doing the great work of educating the multinational Russian people, showing an example of high service to our Fatherland, strengthening harmony and unity in the Russian state.
Under Your leadership, the Russian Orthodox Church is developing constructive cooperation with the state, making a huge contribution to the harmonization of interethnic and interreligious relations. A sincere response in society is found in Your personal efforts to protect traditional family values, patriotic education of young people, preservation of enduring spiritual, moral and cultural guidelines in modern Russian society, consistently defend the importance of the unity of the Russian world.
Your words and deeds, your prayers are always addressed to the needs and aspirations of millions of people. We are sincerely glad to admit that we have found in Your person broad support and understanding in many issues of the development of interfaith cooperation, interreligious dialogue and theological education. For us, the opportunity to communicate personally with You, both as the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church and as a person, is a great honor and a sign of the high level of relations that have developed between the Moscow Patriarchate and The Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia.
I sincerely wish You, Your Holiness, spiritual strength, perseverance and good health on the path of service to the Russian Orthodox Church and the great people of Russia.

With respect and kind prayers,
Mufti of Moscow,
Head of The Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia,
member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation
Albir Hazrat Krganov

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