August 24, 2021

The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Mufti of Moscow Albir Hazrat Krganov, took part in a round table held in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation called “On maintaining stability in the field of interethnic and interfaith relations during the election campaign” for the election of deputies of the State Duma scheduled for September 19, 2021 ”.

The event was organized by the Coordination Council for Public Control over Voting under the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Commission for Harmonization of Interethnic and Interreligious Relations.

According to Maxim Grigoriev, Chairman of the Coordinating Council for Public Control over Voting, “today we can see attempts to incite interethnic discord. by non-systemic opposition. «Foreign interference is also involved in this process and it happens in different formats -via social networks, mass media, etc.. Of course, we all we must resist it.” , Mr. Grigoriev stressed.

In his speech, Albir Hazrat noted that the situation in Russia in the interethnic and interfaith relations has noticeably changed for the better over the last years. This happened due to the constant efforts made by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the direction of strengthening religious relations in Russia.

He also stressed that the measures taken at the legislative level make it possible to prevent interethnic and interreligious strife. At the same time, there are still several problems to be solved, when individual candidates try to play on the feelings of believers, for example, forcing the issue of islamophobia and migrantophobia in the society.

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