March 15th, 2021

Mufti Albir Hazrat Karganov participated in an online-session of the permanent round table called "Peace is more complicated than War." The topic of discussion was: "Libya and the Global World: Searching for Its Own Future."

The event was organized by the research and education center "Globus - 21st Century", the Public Diplomacy Foundation and the international public movement "Peace Creation".

The event was attended by representatives of the Russian and Libyan scientific and expert communities, the political establishment and religious leaders. The main issues of the discussion were the current situation in Libya and life conditions of the Libyan people, the possible role of Russia in the post-conflict reconstruction of Libya and the process of peace creation in the North African region, as well as the influence of the coronavirus pandemic on the formation of a “new reality” and the future of the Libyan state.

In his speech Albir Hazrat pointed out that the main reason of all these events that are taking place in Libya today is a failed experiment conducted by some Western countries to modernize this Arab country, and as a result of this experience, the Libyan people did not receive democracy, freedom and prosperity, but rather grief, poverty, chaos and stranglehold of terrorists in the country.

Mufti also added that all those countries wanted to make Libya more loyal and manageable, but at the same time they did not make a detailed plan of post-war structure of the Libyan state and did not take into account the features of the formation of the Libyan society and its traditions that have prevailed in the country for centuries.

Albir Hazrat also touched upon some serious problems of great concern in the world religious circles, especially the prevalence of acts of extremism, terrorism, and murders of Muslims and Christians in the country. In this regard, Albir Hazrat said that the Russian religious community is ready for more interaction and humanitarian cooperation to work on solving problems in Libya in order to establish peace, stability and bring back historical justice on the Libyan territory.

At the conclusion of the session, Albir Hazrat accepted the invitation by organizers of the event to join the Presidency of the International Social Movement "Creating Peace." The leadership of the movement had previously confirmed its readiness to continue working on developing relations with Libya and compensating for the lack of institutional relations with this Arab state today.

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