January 20th , 2021

The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Mufti Albir Hazrat Krganov, participated at the parliamentary hearings on the draft federal law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Regarding the Regulation of Surrogacy Issues."

According to the draft law prepared by a group of deputies, surrogate mothers in Russia are allowed bear children only for Russian citizens or married people with a residence permit in Russia. The bill does not propose to prohibit the procedure of surrogacy itself; it only suggests prohibit the sale of children to foreigners through the procedure of surrogacy.

In his speech, Mufti Albir Hazrat Krganov noted that discussion of amendments to the current legislation demonstrates growing attention of the government to the problem of surrogacy in our country.

"As a religious figure, I would like to emphasize that Islam has a negative attitude towards such a phenomenon as surrogate motherhood considering it to be an assisted reproductive technology, and while applying this particular technology, three parties are involved in the process of conception and birth of a child", Mufti added.

Albir Hazrat Krganov also pointed out that surrogacy with the involvement of a third party must be prohibited, and it is necessary to adopt a special federal law regarding acceptable types of reproductive technologies with the participation of only a husband and a wife. At the same time, it is very important to understand certain moral and legislative limits of modern technological interference with the process of giving a human birth.

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