December 10, 2020

Since the beginning of the year, Russian exports of agricultural products to Saudi Arabia have doubled - almost 3 million tons of agricultural products and food worth $ 637 million have been shipped to the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is considered to be the largest importer of Russian barley as its supplies have increased to $ 484 million this year, which is 2.3 times more than in the same period last year. The export of confectionery products also showed positive dynamics and increased by 19%. In addition, the export of domestic beef increased from 325 thousand dollars in 2019 to 14.6 million dollars in 2020.

A significant step for the development of export supplies was the decision of the Saudi Grains Organization (SAGO) to ease the requirements for wheat imported from Russia. For the last several years the Russian Federation has been working in this direction, including negotiations at the level of the heads of the agriculture departments of the two countries. Since the start of shipments in April, Saudi Arabia has purchased over 180,000 tons of Russian wheat worth $ 39.3 million. In addition, this year

Russia started exporting coffee extract, sorghum, and chicken eggs to the Kingdom.

The most promising areas for further cooperation between the countries is the export of grain and leguminous crops, poultry, mutton, beef and confectionery.

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