The Muslim community of the Russian Federation hopes that citizens will follow all the instructions given by the authorities due to the coronavirus. They urge the believers to spend next weekend and other days performing prayers and reading Koran at home, the chairman of the Muslim Spiritual Assembly of Russia Albir Krganov told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

“The month Shaaban has come and soon we are to meet Ramadan. The Muslims prepare for the fasting in Ramadan, read more prayers, dhikr and make dua to the Almighty. These days are a good opportunity for a believer, together with his family, to devote their time to greater communication with the Almighty and relatives. They may perform collective daily prayers, read Koran, chat with the family members, communicate with relatives”, said Krganov.

The Mufti pointed out that on Wednesday the Russian president declared the upcoming week as non-working. “It is very important for the citizens to follow the advices and stay at home during this period of time”, said the mufti.

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