A festive prayer took place in Sokolniki Park, in which 15,000 people took part. The event was organized by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Moscow and the Central Region “Moscow Muftiyat” with the support of the Department of national policy and interregional relations of Moscow.

Eid al-Adha is celebrated in memory of the events described in the Koran. According to the Muslim Holy Scripture, Abraham once had a dream in which Allah demanded him to sacrifice his son Ishmael, testing Abraham’s faith. The prophet passed the test, and Allah spared his son, sending him a sacrificial lamb instead. Muslims do not treat the sacrifice as Allah’s thirst for blood or meat, but as their own display of faith and meekness. After the sacrifice, Muslims usually give most of the sacrificial meat away to those in need.


KOVROV: The grand opening of the first mosque in the Vladimir region took place. As the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Mufti Albir- khazrat Krganov, noted, the opening of the mosque was a long-awaited historical event in the life of Muslims in the Vladimir region.


Today, the official opening of the International Moscow Urban Forum. Moscow offers modern solutions and projects for comfortable living of citizens. Moscow has changed noticeably in recent years. The Forum is visited by famous world experts and guests from the Arab world. The forum’s information stands present the future interfaith cultural and educational center in New Moscow with a modern recreational zone. As conceived by the architects, it will become not only a symbolic inter-religious center demonstrating the dialogue of religions and the historical friendship of nations established in Russia, but also a social, educational project accessible to all Muscovites. According to the general assessment of experts, it will become an actual landmark of the capital. The forum guests were interested in this project as a territory of intercultural dialogue, which is very much in demand in this period of the development of the world. Russia in this vein is an example for a lot of countries. And may Allah help in the implementation of such an important decision, which will remain for centuries a good example of the coexistence of different cultures and traditions.