The meeting took place between the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Mufti of Moscow Albir Khazrat Krganov and the State Secretary - deputy director of the National guard of the Russian Federation Sergei Zakharkin. During the meeting the parties noted the importance of strengthening and developing bilateral cooperation.

Sergey Zakharkin expressed interest in contributing the UN in studying the current situation of the ethno-confessional situation in the regions of the Russian Federation with a compact settlement of Muslims. Working together will contribute to protection and security of country’s population from external negative impacts.

The leaders also agreed on the necessity of designing methodological manuals on key terms and fundamentals of Islam, as well as strengthening work in the field of preventing youth from engaging in destructive groups, including extremist ones on the Internet. The leaders reached the agreement and outlined plans for mutual information support.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Head of the Personnel Department Andrey Shcherbina, the Head of the Department for Interaction with the Mass Media and Civil Society Institutions Alexander Veklich and mufti’s assistant Denis-khazrat Mustafin.