On April 18, an interregional theoretical and practical conference on the topic “Traditional spiritual Islamic values as a factor in ensuring inter-ethnic harmony, justice and development. Problems, tasks and prospects” was held.

During the conference, participants discussed topical issues of ensuring social sustainability and positive development of modern society, among others, the following topics:

· Using the potential of the spiritual values of Islam as a factor in ensuring harmony and equitable development in the context of the interaction of different cultures and multi-faith in Central Eurasia;

· Analysis and evaluation of the historical experience and achievements of the Tomsk region and other Siberian regions of Russia in organizing the interaction of Muslim communities, public authorities and local governments to ensure social stability and effective economic development;

· Assessment of possibilities for using traditional spiritual Islamic values in the upbringing and development of the millennials, and the prevention of extremism at the present stage of socio-economic, scientific and technological development;

· Development of propositions for using of the spiritual and moral values of Islam in the interests of the systemic development of the regions of Siberia using the positive historical experience of their interaction with the regions of Central Asia.

A delegation of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia headed by the mufti of the SAMR, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Albir-khazrat Krganov took part in the conference. The delegation included: the mufti of the Regional Spiritual Administration of the Muslims (RSAM) of the Penza region Abubakyar-Khazrat Yunkin, the chairman of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims (SAM) of the Chuvash Republic Mansur-Khazrat

Khaybullov, the mufti of the SAM of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Tagir-Khazrat Samatov, the mufti of the SAM of the Kemerova region, the imam of the historical mosque “Ikhlas” in Novosibirsk Rafael-Hazrat Safin and the Head of the Department of Affairs of the SAM of Moscow and the Central Committee of the "Moscow Muftiyat" Denis-Hazrat Mustafin.

“The potentiality of Islam is important for the harmonization of international relations. The modern world has one road, one path - the path of salvation of the soul, the peaceful reorganization of international life, establishing a new and just world order that takes into account the cultural and civilizational diversity of humanity and the right of peoples to unique sovereign development. The teaching of Islam condemns wars of aggression and violence. As a religious leader, I have repeatedly said and wanted to express once again here the firm conviction that in modern conditions sustainable international development and achieving comprehensive security are possible only on the basis of the peaceful coexistence of peoples, cultures and religions, on the basis of equal inter-civilization dialogue based on norms of international law with the acceptance and observance of the right of peoples and states to determine their own destiny” – the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia noted in his statement.

According to the results of the conference, the reference sources were prepared, and specific recommendations were formulated for authorized agencies and organizations carrying out work in this field of activity.