In secondary school No. 5 in the village of Fedorovsky, a meeting was held with the deputy imam of the mosque in the village of Fedorovsky RDUM Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug with students in grades 1-4. During a conversation with schoolchildren, issues related to the topics of family, morality, a healthy lifestyle, excessive enthusiasm for computer games and the Internet, disobedience to parents and many others were discussed.

At first, the guys felt a little constrained, but the conversation about the deep important issues of life and faith continued in such an accessible and interesting form that the students quickly got involved in the conversation and began to ask their questions. Interesting facts and instructive stories - in this format, students were able to touch the seeds of truth. There is confidence that this will bring good results in the lives of the children, because as a result of the meeting they made a joint conclusion: “Wish others what you wish for yourself”!

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