In the residence of the Moscow Muftiyat, the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, mufti Albir-hazrat Krganov and president of the Center for International Partnership and Business Cooperation Stanislav Kudryashov signed an agreement on cooperation.

The main points of the agreement were: the implementation of cultural, educational, charitable, social and business projects aimed at strengthening international relations and introducing to the cultural, spiritual and historical heritage of the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The parties plan to jointly organize official visits, negotiations, conferences, business meetings and exhibitions in the territory of Holy Mecca and other member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to conduct cultural, educational, scientific and methodological activities aimed at strengthening spiritual and human values.

The agreement on the prevention of the ideas of extremism, at the national and international level and the opportunities for international cooperation specifically aimed at overcoming and preventing extremist crimes and religious discrimination, also entered into the paragraphs of the agreement.

The Center for International Partnership and Business Cooperation CIBPC has been active for several years aimed at developing international cooperation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and several other Muslim countries. The company is the official representative in Russia of several well-known international organizations that are strategic partners of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It should be noted that CIBPC is one of the main organizers of the exhibition Saudi Russian Business Days Makkah 2018, which will be held in November this year in the Holy Mecca.

The Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia as a co-organizer will take part in this event. Never in the history of bilateral relations, Russian companies could conduct such events on the territory of the Holy Mecca. The organizations and their representatives taking part in this event will have a unique opportunity to negotiate with partners from many Muslim countries and to do Umrah on the territory of the main Islamic shrine of the world.

"Establishing international dialogue among Muslims is the most important and necessary task for maintaining peace and understanding between countries, developing cooperation in various fields, one of the goals of the SAMR, which has been successfully implemented by the organization for many years," said the head of the Spiritual Assembly, Albir-hazrat Krganov.

In one of the speeches the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin also noted that Russia's advantage in relations with Saudi Arabia and many other countries in the region is that our country does not play double games with anyone, is always honest and openly states its position.